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" Shelby Fire Department attended a harvest field fire this summer where a local farmer brought his sprayer with a FireTamer to help us put out the fire. The unity worked well, and they were a big help, we were glad to have them there. The operation of just one man made it handy and easy to operate. We hope to see more of these out there." 

- Ben Widhalm, Shelby MT Fire Chief 

" Ever since we operated our first self propelled sprayer, the thought of using one to combat a field fire has always made sense. Being easily maneuverable, high clearance, large water capacity and a reliable hydraulic water pump, a self-propelled sprayer is the best candidate within a farmer's equipment line. The issue is how to deliver the water to the fire in a controlled and safe manner. This is where the FireTamer completes the sprayer as a true fire fighting machine. 
One man can easily deliver water to a fire line from a safe distance while operating the sprayer. I operated the FireTamer when we went to extinguish a local field fire, and the results could not have been better. Many acres were saved from being scorched because we got to the scene quickly and effectively. 
I highly recommend the FireTamer, it is great " 

- Nick Welker, Welker Farms Inc. 

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