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About FireTamer

The FireTamer is a 12v remote controlled water cannon designed and constructed to be installed as a front turret nozzle on a high clearance sprayer to assist in fighting field fires. Robust construction results in a durable, reliable and highly functional water cannon with 180 degrees of horizontal travel and 70 degrees of vertical travel.
The FireTamer is the only product specifically built and designed for the agricultural industry ready to be installed on existing equipment without substantial modification and creative adaptive fabrication and at a fraction of the price. The FireTamer enables the farming industry to better utilize an existing piece of machinery that is frequently not in high use during the harvest season. 

The FireTamer is a whole goods kit for the most common sprayer models. It comes with:

  • FireTamer “head” and controls

  • 2 receiver hitch styled mounts

  • 2” cam lock plumbing pieces- to intercept the sprayer water supply


Water hose is not provided due to varying lengths and locations of preferred water supply points. 

  • Body Components- Aluminum 5052

  • structural Components- Aluminum 6061 & stainless steel SAE304

  • Cannon Head- Stainless steel and plastic

  • Industrial duty 12v gearhead 11 amp motor

  • Integrated electrical thermal load protection

  • FireTamer unit weighs- 67 lbs

  • North American sourced components

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